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My art and my mountain homeland mean so much to me. Perhaps when someone purchases one of my creations they will take some of the peace of this area back with them.

Linda Caristo is a native of Hendersonville, NC. Her family has resided in Western North Carolina for nearly 300 years. She has been a jewelry artisan for 20 years. She creates her unique jewelery designs in her studio at Bear Blossom Mountain Farm in Fairview, North Carolina. At an elevation of 3500 feet she is inspired by the views, abundance of natural beauty, and peaceful sounds of the stream trickling beside her studio. She specializes in nature oriented designs and is influenced by the styles of the master jewelers of the Art Nouveau Era. She specializes in a rare enameling technique called Plique a Jour. A spectacular stained glass window effect is created by filling in tiny hand cut cells with color to create a multitude of intricate designs. Linda is one of the few jewelry artists known in the world that utilizes this unique technique within hand pierced cell work.